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P. G. Kusalik and I. M. Svishchev, The spatial structure in liquid water, Science, 265 (1994) 1219-1221.

The spatial structure in liquid water.

Kusalik PGSvishchev IM.


Liquid state structure has traditionally been characterized with the radial distribution functions between atoms. Although these functions are routinely available from x-ray diffraction and neutron scattering experiments or from computer simulations, they cannot be interpreted unambiguously to provide the spatial order in a molecular liquid. A direct approach to determining the spatial structure in the liquid state is demonstrated here. Three-dimensional maps representing the local atomic densities are presented for several water models. These spatial maps provide a picture of the short-range order in liquid water which reveals specific details of its local structure that are important in the understanding of its properties.

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Water is a Liquid Crystal - Dr. Rustum Roy, Materials Scientist

The only type of water within Cells is Crystalline Hexagonally Structured Water. - Dr. Ling et al

Missing at diseased areas of the body. Dr. Ling et al

Structured Water has an opposite charge and PH than that of water with random bonding - Pollack

Preserves DNA for Increased Longevity - DNA destruction is aging. See the book Reverse Aging.